Building plots for Sale in Düsseldorf and surrounds

Planning to build and looking for an attractive plot of land in Düsseldorf or nearby surrounds? Below are some attractive options.

Empty Plot in Top Location in Düsseldorf - Kaiserswerth

This quiet building plot is in a very good district in the north of Düsseldorf – Kaiserswerth at the end of a cul-de-sac in the Schwarzbachtal, the valley of the Schwarzbach river. In contrast to villas in the south of Kaiserswerth, this location is free from disturbance caused by air traffic. The size of the plot is approx. 4,300 m² and it is bordered on the north by the Schwarzbach river, which flows directly along the edge of the property. A spacious villa with garage can be constructed on the plot. The appropriate permissions have been granted and are available.

>>> 4.300 m² plot size >>> Düsseldorf - Kaiserswerth >>> 1.950.000,- Euro


Building plots for Sale in Düsseldorf and surrounds