Exclusive properties in Düsseldorf
and throughout NRW

We have made a name for ourselves by successfully marketing numerous high-end properties. We have acted as brokers for luxury real estate in Düsseldorf and throughout North-Rhine Westphalia since 1989, and can now look back on almost 25 years of trustworthy relations with our customers and clients.

Our portfolio, comprising some of the most exclusive properties in the region, also features new constructions we have built ourselves. We create upmarket living spaces in Düsseldorf‘s best locations. We also redesign hard-to-sell and outdated properties in a contemporary manner so they can be commercially viable once more.

For us, project management means reliable, comprehensive service – whether this be by acting as broker, building or redesigning your property.


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Discreet property and real estate listings for Sale in Düsseldorf

Were you unable to find your ideal property on our website? If so, please feel free to contact us! Over 35% of our real estate properties are procured discreetly.

Our customers place high value on discreet marketing without attracting a lot of attention, especially in the case of highly priced properties. We achieve this by using our particularly extensive client database and discreet marketing measures, both of which we would be happy to explain to you as a vendor in more detail in a personal discussion.

The Rhineland masterminds The Rhineland masterminds

The "Wirtschaftsblatt" features the masterminds of the Rhineland in a special edition, with articles on Harald Robiné and others.



ROBINÉ designs, builds and markets exclusive properties in Düsseldorf and its catchment area. | Luxury real estate in Düsseldorf, Germany